A Children's Session Turned Mother's Day Session
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Thursday, April 25, 2019
By Kyra Dismuke Photography
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A Mother’s Day Photo Session is the perfect gift for that special lady in your life. I can’t think of a single momma that wouldn’t want some portraits taken with the most important little people in their lives. And when those little’s grow up, believe me, they will be so thankful and grateful that you got those photos taken. I don’t have any photos of me and my mom when I was little and boy what I would do to have just a few images of me and my sweet mom together.

Being a mother is the greatest gift a woman can receive.  I have three girls that just rocks my world! I thank God every day for the greatest gift ever!! I don't get portraits done as often as I should as I know this is not always easy for everyone to do but please do it.  Moms, get in pictures with your children! Take selfies with your children or have people take pictures for you when you are at functions or the playground even if it's blurry (like my husband 80% of the time) and every once in a while invest in professional family portraits. You will thank yourself for it and so will your children, I promise!

Don’t stress about your weight or having the perfect outfit and/or hairstyle, just get the family portrait session done. When your children are grown and looking back on photos the last thing they will think of is “geez, I wish my mom was 10 pounds lighter” No, they absolutely will not be thinking that!! They are going to look at those photos with love because it’s one of the most important persons they have had in their lives and they are going to love and cherish it. So if you’re a mother reading this or someone wanting to get a special woman in their life one of the greatest gifts, don’t hesitate to secure your session. I am more than happy to help you create some images for everyone to cherish for years to come!

Here are some photos I did for this sweet momma and her super cute little boys just because she wanted it. We had an indoors, simple session with the focus on them.  No props and we had such a great afternoon together. Chelsea is such a great momma and the love she has for her sons just radiates through these images… and just look at the way that sweet boy giggles from his moms kisses. Just melts my heart!! I love it so much!!




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